Sunrise Precision Machining, Inc.
9129 Emmot Rd. Houston, TX 77040
Fax: 713 - 937 - 1009   Phone: 713 - 937 - 0014
SUNRISE PRECISION MACHINING, INC. (SPM) is proud to be able to serve a
wide variety of customers with as many services as possible in fabrication and
machining. Our CNC Machining department has the capability for short run
production of small parts and can aide you in the design and specification aspects as

Quality Control
Over the years, SPM has developed an exacting system of on-line inspection. Parts
are constantly monitored during every phase of production. Our method assures the
highest quality standards for both the water jetting and oilfield industry. Our
dedication to quality shows in our satisfied customer base.

Our 11,000 square foot CNC machine shop features an arsenal of precision equipment
to tackle the high volume Milling and Turning demands of today market. We
specialize in quick turn precision machining.
SUNRISE PRECISION MACHINING, INC. (SPM) you get your parts fast
and you get them right .

Combine our years of CNC machining expertises with state of the art equipment and
cutting edge software and the result is
SPM's finely tuned manufacturing shop
solution right here in the Northwest of Houston.

Precision Milling or Turning or both on one CNC machine is what we do best. To see
some pictures of work we have done in our shop, check out our CNC machining shop .
This will give you an idea of the quality and precision you could expect from

We cut all materials like aluminum and plastics and more difficult to machine
materials like stainless steels, copper and Titanium with extreme precision using
CAD/CAM software as well as the newest CNC machine industry tools and
equipments. Our state of the arts inspection guaranties your parts meet your exacting

We can supply individual custom made parts or build assemblies combining sheet
metal fabrication, machining, turning, milling, welding, plating, assembling etc. We
are your premier choice for CNC machine shop in Houston servicing local industry in
surrounding Houston Areas as well as distant customers in US.

"Your Partners in Excellence".